Autism Assessments


You have reached a critical point in your child’s life where you have important questions that you need to have answered and information about your child you would like to understand. Autism assessment aims to identify the individual’s strengths and needs to live their best lives as part of their family and world.

Assessment is a big step. At CCFP, we will partner and support you through this process, arriving at a positive plan. Empower you and your family to take the first step on this journey.

Autism is a spectrum; it presents uniquely in each individual child.
It can be tricky and complicated, but assessment is a positive step.
Never too early or too late to be assessed.

At CCFP we provide assessments for all aged groups, not just children.

What to Expect

We take the following approach to ensure we have a full understanding of what is going on for you or your child:

01. Developmental Interview

The first step once you have a referral from your GP or paediatrician is a meeting with a clinician for a developmental interview. A comprehensive history of the individual’s social abilities and behaviour will be discussed to fully understand strengths and more challenging areas.   Before your appointment, you may be asked to bring school reports and behavioural observations from teachers.  We incorporate the Autism Diagnostic Interview with parents or carers (ADI-R) to formalise this step.

02. Assessment

The assessment is conducted using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale (ADOS-2). This observational tool assesses social communication and interaction, restricted and/or repetitive interests and behaviours.

03. External Questionnaires

Depending on the age and abilities of the individual, we may require information from external sources to create a comprehensive assessment.  Sometimes, we ask parents, carers, or teachers to complete a questionnaire.  This step will be determined in the initial consultation and is only necessary were appropriate.

04. Assessment Findings and Recommendations

Once all assessments are complete, the clinical will review the assessments and other information and prepare a report. You and your clinician will determine a mutually suitable time to review the report and discuss the findings, plus any recommendations. Your report will contain a detailed overview of the results and individually tailored recommendations in an easy-to-read format.

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Wait List

Please note there is a waitlist for all assessments at present. Please email your enquiry and we will be in contact as soon as there is availability.  Thank you for your understanding