Psychology Services

"What is a Registered Psychologist?"

Psychologists study the way people feel, think, act, and interact. Through a range of strategies and therapies, they aim to reduce distress and enhance and promote emotional well-being. 

Source: Australian Psychology Society (APS)

Psychologists are experts in human behaviour.
They have studied the brain, memory, learning and human development. Psychologists can assist people who experience difficulty controlling their emotions, thinking and behaviour, including those with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, serious and enduring mental illness, addictive behaviours, and childhood behaviour disorders.

​All psychologists are registered with the Psychology Board of Australia, the national registration board, in the same way, medical practitioners must be registered. Meaning they must be competent and follow a strict Code of Conduct.​

Not all counsellors or therapists are registered psychologists. Seeing someone who is registered ensures you receive high-quality, research informed ethical treatment.

Other Allied Health Professionals

At Central Coast Family Psychology, we have other allied health professionals who work with our psychologists to provide you with various skills to meet your needs. 

We have:

  • Occupational Therapists (child and adult)
  • Counselling
  • Therapy assistants
  • Registered Play Therapist
  • Behaviour Support Practitioners 
  • Systemic Psychotherapist – Individual, Couple andFamily Therapy
  • School Liaisons

All our allied health professionals are registered within their field and are able to provide NDIS services.

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